Kuber Inc. & P2P Protect Co., Ltd. – 同聚保 to form U.S. joint venture

P2PProtect.com and Kuber Inc. forms U.S. Joint Venture

July 19th, 2016 – Kuber, Inc and P2P Protect Co., Ltd – 同聚保 are proud to announce a first of its kind fintech joint venture bring a new shared-risk or Peer to Peer Insurance platform to the United States.

After a few months of discussion, Kuber Inc.’s CEO Timothy Li and P2P Protect Co., Ltd’s CEO Tang Loaec jointly announcedthe formation of P2PProtect.com in Shanghai, China LendIt event The two companies will bringing a true Peer to Peer platform to the America audience.

P2P Protect Co., Ltd – 同聚保 has already successfully launched several peer to peer insurance products in China. From marriage safety to child abduction insurance, the Chinese audience has quickly latched on the benefit of P2P Insurance.

Peer to Peer insurance completely aligns the interests of all parties involved. At the end of each insurance cycle, if the insured group remains claimless, 75~80% of the premium is returned back to the crowd. Peer to Peer insurance will bring a breath of fresh air to a $1.1 trillion dollar industry.

P2PProtect.com’s up and coming products are built for today’s consumer lifestyle and business needs. P2P insurance products from P2PProtect.com gives consumer more choice and access to never before available insurance products that fits today’s economy.

We are looking forward to launch our first set of products in the United States soon.


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